The government issues Covid notices for festivals

The government issues Covid notices for festivals


Covid guidelines for shopping malls and local markets must be strictly followed, the government said.

New Delhi:

States should ensure that coronavirus precautions are strictly followed during the holiday season, the government said in an advisory on Saturday, listing measures such as promoting online shopping and avoiding unnecessary travel to prevent infection rates from skyrocketing. as they have in some countries.

The government has suggested measures such as:

  • Promote online celebration modes, online shopping, and discourage unnecessary travel.
  • Strictly follow Covid guidelines during festival celebrations.
  • There will be no mass rallies in containment zones and districts where more than 5% of the tests are positive.
  • The state government must issue instructions well in advance.
  • Meetings that are allowed with prior permission and with a limited number of attendees should be closely monitored.
  • Guidelines for shopping malls, local markets and places of worship must be strictly followed.
  • Follow the five pillars of Covid management: test, monitor, treat, vaccinate, and follow appropriate Covid behavior.
  • District authorities must strictly monitor the trajectory of cases.

The guidelines are ahead of major festivals like Diwali and Eid next month. It also follows a worrying rise in coronavirus cases in many countries including Russia, the UK and China, where schools are closing and new closures are announced.

In a letter to the union’s states and territories, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said standard operating procedures issued last month should be followed to curb any increase in cases.

“States / UT are further requested to ensure that COVID non-compliance is vigorously addressed appropriate behavior in public places. Intersectoral collaboration between health departments, law enforcement agencies, associations will be encouraged. trade and market, civil society organizations and the community. essential to curb any risk of a spike in the COVID-19 trajectory, “Bhushan said in the letter.




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