Singhu Lynching: Police Will Investigate Clip Showing Victim Mentioning Rs 30,000

Singhu Lynching: Police Will Investigate Clip Showing Victim Mentioning Rs 30,000


Police are seeking to determine the veracity of a video clip that allegedly shows the victim of Singhu’s lynching telling a crowd before his death that he was given Rs 30,000 and sharing a person’s phone number with them.

The 43-second clip was allegedly recorded before 35-year-old Lakhbir Singh was lynched and hung from a barricade, and his hand severed, allegedly by Nihang Sikhs who claim he desecrated the Sikh holy book.

“In the video, the victim claimed that he was paid Rs 30,000 and also mentioned someone else’s phone number. We are verifying these claims and will conduct an investigation. We are also coordinating with the Punjab Police on this, ”Mayank Gupta, Deputy Superintendent of Police (ASP) Kharkhoda, Sonipat, who is part of a Special Investigation Team investigating the incident videos, told The Indian Express.

The Indian Express also called the phone number mentioned by the victim in the video clip. It belongs to a resident of Relliyan village, which is more than 2 km from Lakhbir village, Cheema Kalan, in the Tarn Taran district of Punjab.

The man, a farmer, said that for four months, Lakhbir had worked for him raising cattle. “Often he was late for work and used my phone to inform his sister. That is the reason why I had memorized my phone number. He had even written my contact number on a wall in his house, ”he said.

He said that on October 2, Lakhbir told him that he would not work for him and left. “He told me he wanted to work at the mandi and he quit. That’s the last time I spoke to him. I don’t know why he mentioned my name in the clip when Nihangs was questioning him. This claim that I was offered money as part of some conspiracy is unfounded. I have never been to the Singhu border. My father went twice to protest in solidarity with the farmers. I don’t know under what circumstances Lakhbir went to the Singhu border. I’ve been getting calls from the police and the media about this. The Tarn Taran police have also summoned me tomorrow to answer these queries, ”he said.

SSP Tarn Taran, Harvinder Singh Virk, said: “The Punjab Interior Minister has set up an SIT to investigate this matter. We will examine all aspects of this case. We will decide the next course of action at our first meeting. “

So far, the police have arrested four Nihang Sikhs – Sarabjit Singh, Narain Singh, Bhagwant Singh and Govind Preet Singh – in the case. Police have said that the defendant confessed to killing Lakhbir as “punishment” for desecrating the Guru Granth Sahib.




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