shah: Join the fight against terrorism, Amit Shah urges the youth of Jammu and Kashmir | India News

shah: Join the fight against terrorism, Amit Shah urges the youth of Jammu and Kashmir |  India News


SRINAGAR: Interior Minister Amit Shah reached out to young people in Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday to ask them to join the fight against terrorism and seize the opportunities that have been opened thanks to the development push of the Modi government.
“The 45,000 young people here have to work to end terrorism, they have to be ambassadors for peace and development and carry the message to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir that this (terrorism) is not the way to end our lives, “Shah said on his first visit to Srinagar after the cancellation of the special status for the former J&K state, which is now a Union Territory.

Shah said he wants a friendly bond with young people, as they are the future of the nation. However, he took a firm note when referring to the change in J & K’s status. “On August 5, 2019 it will be written in gold letters. It was the end of terrorism, nepotism, corruption … The youth of J&K have to contribute to the development of the UT. It is their responsibility … The day will come when J&K will contribute a lot to the country ”.
Shah criticized the political parties at J&K for their criticism of the changes to the constitutional arrangement in August 2019, saying they were upset by the loss of their political hegemony. “Those who are making noise are doing it because jamhooriyat (democracy) has come out of the custody of three families and now belongs to the poor,” Shah said while investigating the Gandhis, Abdullahs and Syeds.
The minister, who addressed youth club members from different J&K regions via a video link, said that contrary to allegations by in-laws, democracy has expanded under the new dispensation, with the panchayat polls. giving young people a share in decision-making. . “With the introduction of the three-tier panchayat system, the youth of J&K have the greatest opportunity, only the youth of the village can become members of the district panch, sarpanch and panchayat. They can also become MLA and MP, even CM. ”
“What did 70 years of jamhooriyat, 87 MLA, six MPs and three families give? Prime Minister Modi has secured the election of 30,000 representatives in such a short time, “he said.
Shah, who also inaugurated a flight between Srinagar and Sharjah via video link, justified the suspension of the Internet, restrictions on mobile telephony and long curfew periods in the wake of the repeal of Article 370 and the elimination of Article 35A, saying that it helped save the lives of thousands of young people. He said that those who questioned the curfew and the communications blackout “do not know how many lives would have been lost.”
“The decision was questioned on so many platforms but they helped save lives,” he said while reiterating a promise to restore statehood after the delineation exercise was completed and elections were held.
He denied the view that ending J & K’s special status would give a boost to terrorism, something that has gained popularity in certain quarters after targeting outsiders, non-Muslim locals, police personnel and BJP workers. “Some people claimed that terrorism will increase. The fact is that it has collapsed and the stoning is nowhere to be seen, ”he said, ruling out a repeat of the situation of the 1990s, when terrorism was rampant. “We will deal strictly with those who want to disturb the peace of J&K,” he said.
Shah said that young people have responded well to initiatives taken after the Modi government took over the UT. “The youth of Kashmir, who until two and a half years ago would be in the news only because of stoning, terrorism and violence, are talking about development, employment and educational scholarships,” said Shah, contrasting the situation in Kashmir with that. prevails in PoK.
“No other state has such an attractive industrial policy and that is why investments of 12 billion rupees have been made after the new policy was implemented. This when the state had obtained a total of 5,000 million rupees in the seven decades since independence. I am sure that by 2022 the state will cross the 50 billion rupee mark, ”he said.
Shah said three families had ruled J&K for 70 years. Why did 40,000 people die during his reign? Is there an explanation for those murders? Shah asked.




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