Rajnath praises Indira Gandhi: ‘country led in time of war’


Citing examples from former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and former President Pratibha Patil, Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh spoke on the empowerment of women in India at the opening session of an international seminar on the ‘Role of Women in the Armed Forces ”, organized by the Shanghai Cooperation. Organization (OCS) Thursday.

The SCO is a Eurasian political, economic and security alliance based in Beijing. Addressing countries that attended the international seminar, Singh said: “Former Prime Minister of India, Shrimati Indira Gandhi, not only led the country for several years, but also did so in wartime. And more recently, Shrimati Pratibha Patil was the President of India and the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of India ”.

Singh further announced that starting next year, women will be able to join the National Defense Academy, “India’s leading pre-commissioning training institute for three services.”

“India remains deeply committed to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and its statute. We have natural and lasting ties throughout history with all the countries in this unique group. Our shared culture, ethnic, civilizational and geographic past has only been strengthened by our warm relationships and close ties. I have no doubt that this bodes well for a mutually satisfying relationship in the future, ”said Singh.

He added: “Our future is in our hands. It is the responsibility of the SCO nations to guarantee regional stability, promote peace, guarantee gender equality and work for the betterment of the entire region. We expect a much greater participation and a more important role for women in various tasks of the Armed Forces ”.

“The changing character of war is bringing threats from our borders into our society and among the people. Terrorism is simply the most obvious and diabolical manifestation of this reality … It has been used as a weapon of choice by both non-state actors and irresponsible states to further their political goals. The SCO as an organization has unequivocally rejected terrorism in all its manifestations and forms, ”said the Minister of Defense.

Singh further said that the role of women in ancient Indian literature has never been limited by gender stereotypes and that this literature is “replete” with examples that reinforce equality and feminism.

“Therefore, it is not surprising that several women have achieved the rank of Lieutenant General and equivalent within the Indian Armed Forces, leading their men and women in the most challenging conditions. The Indian Army had started appointing female officers in 1992. It has now moved to incorporate female officers into most branches of the army. The women are now being accepted for the permanent commission and will be in command of Army units and battalions in the near future. The induction of women into the Military Police began last year, which marks an important milestone in which women enter the ranks of the Army Officers Training Academy (OTA), it has 30 years of institutional knowledge in training of women and conducts periodic and refresher training. courses for official women from foreign friendly countries. I look forward to seeing female officers from the SCO nations at the OTA in Chennai, ”he said.

Singh further said that since their involvement in Air Traffic Control in 1993, female Navy officers graduated to become maritime reconnaissance aircraft pilots in 2016 and are now appointed aboard warships beginning in 2020. The Indian Coast Guard has been employing female officers in combat roles that include pilots, observers, and aviation support services. In the Indian Air Force, women are inducted into all roles, including combat and support. Indian women officers have also been regularly participating in United Nations missions.

“In 2007, India made history by deploying the first all-female Formed Police Unit for UN Peacekeeping in Liberia. In 2019, India redeployed a women’s engagement team to the Democratic Republic of the Congo that played a critical role in maintaining peace and inspiring women in local communities. Our approach to inducting women into the police, central police, paramilitaries, and the armed forces has been progressive. We have taken the evolutionary path of moving from support to combat support and then to combat weapons within the military, ”he said.




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