punjab: Congress “convinced” Captain Amarinder that he is trying to alienate Hindu voters | India News

punjab: Congress “convinced” Captain Amarinder that he is trying to alienate Hindu voters |  India News


NEW DELHI: With Amarinder Singh finally announcing that he will launch a party and ally himself with the BJP, Congress is convinced that he is trying to alienate Hindu voters in urban districts to make a dent in the party in the Punjab assembly elections to Early 2022. The idea behind The renegade congressional plan, as he articulated it, is what the party always suspected when it alleged that the ‘Captain’, as the Prime Minister of Punjab, was in league with the BJP and Akali Dal.
According to Congressional sources, Singh seeks to polarize Hindu voters against the party. His idea is to provoke the key demographic against Congress by playing on the threats of “Pakistan” and “security-terror.” Singh is expected to focus on his nemesis and the visit of the President of the Punjab Congress, Navjot Sidhu, to Pakistan and his embrace with the head of the Pakistani army. The former satrap of Congress has been citing Sidhu and his trip to Pakistan for a while now.
Hindu voters comprise a significant segment in Punjab cities and towns. Given Singh’s approach, many believe Congress will have to assure urban voters of its “major leanings” to neutralize the Captain’s attempt.
The general belief is that Singh is not concerned with winning Sikh voters and your warning to join the BJP (farm law protests need to be resolved) is more to provide you with a cover for joining the saffron party. The BJP has become a red rag for the rural Sikh population and Amarinder cannot think of joining it without a resolution to the agricultural protests.
In view of the challenge that may arise if Amarinder’s yet-to-be-launched party generates an aggregation of votes in league with the BJP and Akali’s split teams, Congress is expected to announce its election-related committees to tackle the task. Many believe that the party will put as head of the “campaign committee” and in key positions ahead of the elections, leaders who are well positioned to attract urban voters.
According to one leader, Congress faces a stronger challenge from AAP urban and Hindu voters than from the possible front that Amarinder Singh will raise.




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