Pressure to frame me drove the officer to suicide, says Sisodia; CBI denies

Pressure to frame me drove the officer to suicide, says Sisodia;  CBI denies


SAYING OFF THE “chopped video” published by the BJP As “a joke”, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia alleged on Monday that the Center was pushing so hard for his arrest that a CBI officer had committed suicide. Denying the claim, the CBI said the officer was “in no way connected with the investigation of this case.”

“Two days ago, a CBI official committed suicide. We discovered that the officer was Jitendra Kumar, a legal adviser in the anti-corruption branch of the CBI. His job was to approve or reject things based on legality. He was also investigating the legality of the FIR against me,” Sisodia said.

“We discovered that he was being pressured to build a false case against me in the wrong way and was being pressured to arrest me. He was not allowing this. And there was so much pressure on him that he killed himself. This is very sad. He was pushing himself to make a bogus case legally sound. This is bad. My condolences are with his family. I also want to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi that if he wants to catch me in the wrong case, do it. You wanted to attack me, you did. You made a false case against me. If you want to arrest me, tell me where you want me to go and I’ll be there. Please don’t pressure the officers and cause them to commit suicide,” he said.

“This is destroying families. He keeps thinking about who he can use CBI and ED against, how he can topple elected governments, buy MLA. When will you think about building schools and hospitals? About fighting inflation, employment? All you think about is how to overthrow opposition governments. I want to ask the prime minister three questions about Jitendra Kumar’s suicide: why is there so much pressure on officials who are forced to commit suicide, and to what extent will he torture his own officials? Is the only job of the central government to run ‘Operation Lotus’? How many more sacrifices will it take to crush opposition governments,” he said.

“This is a very sad incident. Officers are being forced to die by suicide, this has never happened,” Sisodia said.

When asked about the ‘sting’ video, Sisodia said: “BJP has been saying there is a scam and quoting numbers like Rs 30 crore, Rs 144 crore, Rs 1300 crore. They then got the CBI to file an FIR, in which they tried to drag me into white dealing between two companies. That was also based on the sources. My house was raided. They searched my locker; they found nothing. When the CBI almost gave me a clean ticket and couldn’t find anything against me, the BJP said I had done a sting operation. They then have someone down the road sit in a car and ask him a few questions. Is that a bite? This is a joke. I also have many such videos. I will also give them, you must also execute them.”

The CBI called Sisodia’s accusations “malicious and misleading.” “CBI strongly refutes this statement by Shri Sisodia. It is made clear that the official gentleman, the late Shri Jitendra Kumar, was not involved in any way with the investigation of this case. He was deputy legal counsel in charge of the prosecution, in which capacity he supervised the prosecutors who were carrying out the trial of cases already brought in Delhi. Furthermore, according to the Delhi police, who are investigating the death, the officer did not hold anyone responsible for the death of him in his suicide note,” the agency said.

“The case of the special tax policy is under investigation. As such, no clean note has been given to any of the defendants. Shri Sisodia’s mischievous and misleading statement is an attempt to divert attention from the current situation. investigation in case of excise duty policy of delhiand also constitutes an interference in the investigation procedures into the death of the official gentleman,” the CBI said in its statement.

In response to the CBI statement, Sisodia later said: “I agree that the CBI officer, Jitendra Kumar, was not an investigating officer. He was a law enforcement officer dealing with my case. They pressured him to create a false story implicating me. He could not take the pressure and committed suicide… There should be an independent judicial investigation, led by a retired Supreme Court judge, into the cause of death.”




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