PM Launches 64k Cr Project to Boost India’s Healthcare Infrastructure | India News

PM Launches 64k Cr Project to Boost India’s Healthcare Infrastructure |  India News


VARANASI: Aiming to drive a major boost to healthcare capabilities in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Prime Minister Ayushman Bharat Health Infrastructure Mission (PMABHIM) from his parliamentary constituency of Varanasi on Monday with a outlay of Rs 64,000 crore.
Regarded as the country’s largest health infrastructure scheme in all of India, the mission aims to ensure strong public health systems in urban and rural areas, along with strengthening surveillance and research so that states are able to respond effectively to any public health emergency in the country. future and also combat disease outbreaks such as Covid-19.
The plan adds to the existing National Health Mission that addresses health needs in rural and urban areas.
Addressing a meeting in Mehdiganj here on Monday after launching the mission and inaugurating 28 projects worth Rs 5,189 crore for Varanasi, Prime Minister Modi said: “Projects like PMABHIM, which are being implemented as the most important step of the India towards comprehensive health care, keeping health and well-being as a priority, should have been done after independence. But previous governments kept people deprived of facilities by not developing health infrastructure. ”
“Most of the areas did not have hospitals. If hospitals existed, they lacked the facilities for accurate diagnostic tests, surgery and critical care. This caused overcrowding in large hospitals in the main centers and made patients and their families fight for the facilities, “he added. .




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