Pargat Singh criticizes Amarinder Singh for launching a new party

Pargat Singh criticizes Amarinder Singh for launching a new party


'He had said all along ...': Punjab minister beats Amarinder Singh

Pargat Singh is a minister in the Punjab government led by Charanjit Singh Channi. (Proceedings)


Punjab Minister Pargat Singh on Tuesday criticized former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh for announcing he was launching a new party and saying he was open to partnering with the BJP and other “like-minded parties” after his unceremonious departure on last month.

Pargat Singh, a close associate of Captain Singh’s rival Navjot Singh Sidhu, was inducted into the cabinet after a new congressional government took office in Punjab following a mutiny among members of the National Liberation Army against the former Chief Minister. .

“I had said all the time that the Captain is in bed with the BJP and Akali Dal. He used to get his agenda from the BJP,” said Pargat Singh, who has frequently attacked the former Chief Minister amid the turmoil of the Congress party in the state, he said. .

Amarinder Singh said on Tuesday that he would announce a political party soon and is hopeful of a seat arrangement with the BJP if the farmers’ issue is resolved in their interest.

The two-time chief minister resigned last month after a bitter dispute with Navjot Singh Sidhu and infighting in the state Congress. The party replaced him with Charanjit Singh Channi.

“The battle for the future of Punjab is on. I will soon announce the launch of my own political party to serve the interests of Punjab and its people, including our farmers who have been fighting for their survival for over a year,” he said on Tuesday Captain Singh. .

He also said that he will not rest until he secures the future of “my people and my state.”

“Punjab needs political stability and protection against internal and external threats. I promise my people that I will do whatever it takes to ensure their peace and security, which is at stake today,” said his media adviser, quoted by him.

Hoping for a seat arrangement with BJP in the 2022 Punjab Assembly polls if Farmers Protest is resolved in the interest of farmers. An alliance is also sought with like-minded parties such as Akali separatist groups, particularly the Dhindsa and Brahmpura factions, “Captain Singh said.




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