Death by fire in Mumbai: ‘It’s terrifying to see it fall from the 19th floor’

Death by fire in Mumbai: ‘It’s terrifying to see it fall from the 19th floor’


At his home in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, Arun’s brother Vinay Tiwari says he couldn’t bear to watch the video that landed on his phone. Arun, 30, who worked as a security guard, ended up as the only victim in a fire that broke out Friday in Avighna Park, a residential building in Mumbai Lower Parel.

Recalling the events of Friday, Arun’s colleagues say they were sitting in the security office in the building complex when the fire alarm began to sound around noon. The fire was on the 19th floor of the building and they rushed to rescue the residents.

Arun’s colleague Yogesh says: “We rescued three people from the apartment where the fire broke out. Arun then went to check the balcony. But suddenly, the fire ignited and spread, and it got stuck there. We tried to reach him, but we couldn’t. “

In the videos of the incident, Arun can be seen hanging from the balcony and trying to reach a window sill on the floor below, but loses his grip and falls to the ground, his body hitting a terrace extension on one of the floors during the fall. He was rushed to King Edward Memorial Hospital, Parel, where he was pronounced dead.

At his home in Hathigani village in Prayagraj district, Vinay, 40, says he spoke to his brother around 11:30 a.m., less than an hour before the fire broke out in the Mumbai building.

Recalling her last conversation with her younger brother, Vinay says: “He told us that he had sent 2,000 rupees for the family and that half should be reserved for our mother’s medicines. And then some time later I got this video … I couldn’t bear to watch it fall … it was terrifying. “

“Every time I called, I would talk to everyone in the house, including my three children,” says Vinay, a daily gambler who has been out of work since last Diwali, when she injured her hand in a cookie explosion. Vinay’s family and her mother Kamla Devi, 51, an asthma patient, depended on Arun’s income. Arun’s father, Lalita Prasad, died about 10 years ago.

Vinay says that Arun, who left for Mumbai in search of work about 18 months ago, last came home a year ago for his sister Shilpa’s wedding. “It helped a lot with the wedding. He never spent anything on himself. All his money was for us, ”says Vinay.

Arun’s uncle, Mukesh Pandey, who lives in Mumbai and rushed to KEM hospital upon learning of the incident, said the security company should compensate the family for the death. “They should have provided the children with some safety equipment before sending them to the fire. The firefighters come in with equipment, ”he said.

Mumbai police said one case of accidental death was registered at the Kalachowki police station.




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