Covid Booster Shot “Early next year, but …”: Adar Poonawalla to NDTV

Covid Booster Shot “Early next year, but …”: Adar Poonawalla to NDTV


Covid Booster Shot 'Early Next Year, But ...': Adar Poonawalla to NDTV

“You have to keep telling people not to let their guard down,” Adar Poonawalla told NDTV.

New Delhi:

Adar Poonawalla, director of the Serum Institute of India, maker of Covishield, said today that the billionth dose of the coronavirus vaccine is a milestone for India and that over the next two months, the country will catch up. There is even the possibility of a booster shot early next year for those who need it; there will be enough doses, he added. Mr. Poonawalla, however, said that “ethically and humanely, our perspective will be to vaccinate the world, especially Africa, with both doses of the vaccine first.”

“We cannot have all of Africa with only 3 percent vaccinated while here we all start taking booster shots after 2 doses,” Adar Poonawalla told NDTV in an exclusive interview.

“Having said that, of course we will have more than enough doses available for a booster shot for the elderly and those who need it. For the healthy and young population, we can wait about a year before considering a booster dose and first Ensure that the rest of humanity receives two doses, “he added.

For now, with production numbers increasing at the current rate, the number of people who have received both doses will increase by the end of the year, he said.

“If we look at the production numbers increasing at the current rate, I don’t want to make a prediction here, but I can say with some degree of certainty that much of the remaining population that has currently taken the first dose by the end of the year will have taken both doses. .

So this “25 percent of the total population figure will definitely increase at an increasing rate,” Poonawalla said.

The country reached the 1 billion Covid-19 vaccination milestone this morning. The government said it wants all 944 million adults in India to get vaccinated this year.

Credit for this, Poonawalla said, belongs to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, for whom the country’s huge population was the biggest challenge.

“No other world leader had such a large population to deal with, along with the demographic and cultural differences that exist in India,” he said.

“Even though the 100 crore vaccine injections is a huge milestone, we must continue to tell people not to let their guard down and that those eligible to receive the vaccine get the vaccine,” Poonawalla told NDTV.

“God forbid, if we were to see a third wave, although it might not be as severe as the second wave because we have a much better medical infrastructure, more facilities, a much better emergency infrastructure now, as well as a significantly larger population than has taken the vaccine, “he added.




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