Jaya Kishori Biography Date of Birth, News 2022 |

Jaya Kishori Biography | Age, Date of Birth, News 2022

Jaya Kishori Biography
Jaya Kishori Biography 

In today’s time, no one can believe that where has a girl of that age reached such a young age when people complete their studies and have fun.

By following the path of devotion and spirituality, Kishori Ji has shown the path of devotion to lakhs of people today.  Kishori jihad turned 24 as of 2019.

Kishori ji full name is Jaya Sharma, she was born on 13 July 1995 in a Gaur Brahmin family in village Sujangarh, Rajasthan.

Jaya Kishori Biography
Jaya Kishori Biography

Jaya Kishori’s father’s name is Shiv Shankar Sharma and their other’s name is Geeta Devi Haritpal. Jaya is the eldest among all the siblings of Kishori Ji Not showing interest in their father’s work, he has sung bhajans since childhood.


Kishori Ji’s mind was engaged in devotion to God since childhood. As a child, Hanuman Sunderkand was read in his house.

Slowly she started singing kirtans, singing bhajans and singing bhajan songs in Jagran, due to which she sings song bhajans in different states of India and is spreading the glory of God.

Due to the devotional atmosphere in Jaya Kishori’s Jim Shouse from the very beginning, her interest in the story and hymns of God increased.

Jaya Kishori Marriage 

Everyone wants to know Jaya Kishori Ji’s husband’s name. But let us tell you that Jaya Kishori has not married yet. She has said in one of her interviews that she is not a monk or a hermit, just a normal woman.

She says that she will get married but not now but after a while. The fans of Jaya Kishori are very curious to know about her personal life.

For example, when is she getting married, and who adhere friends? How is his bonding with his family? Such questions are also searched a lot on the Internet.

Personal life of Jaya Kishori Ji 

Talking about Jaya Kishori’s personal life, she had told in one of her interviews that she was very naughty in childhood and she had a lot of attachment towards spirituality.

Jaya Kishori Biography
Jaya Kishori Biography

As a child, she could not sit in one place. That’s why she used to come and go to her neighbouring houses and her neighbours also had a lot of affection for her.

Kishori Ji was fond of singing stories and hymns since childhood, so she used to concentrate on listening to stories and singing bhajans all the time.

That’s why he started doing stories at the age of 9 and today the magic of his story and motivation speaks for the whole world.

Jaya Kishori Ji got the award 

As everyone knows that Kishori Ji has participated in big celebrations in India as well as abroad. In such a situation, he has received many awards.

In the Fame India Asia Post Survey 2019 Youth Icon Survey report, Kishori Ji has been placed in the category of 18320 enlightened people. 

Jaya Kishori Biography
Jaya Kishori Biography

Kishori Bhajans 

Radhika Gauri Om Achyutam Kesvam Krishna Damodaram Highest love engagement put me in the car, Babaego kai should be done to get so many khatris What colours of the world should I see Krishna Govind Gopal Nandlal

All work is being done by your grace Don’t forget the parents Today Vidur came greenLingashtakam Mrityunjaya chant Hare Krishna Hare Rama.     

Jaya Kishori Biography
Jaya Kishori Biography

As long as you blame others for your problems and difficulties, Till then you cannot erase your problems and difficulties. Life is short, Be happy in everything. who saw you yesterday Just be happy your today.

When Jaya was just 7 years old, she sang for the first time in a Satsang held in Kolkata during the Basant Mahotsav. 

All the collections of his spiritual sessions have reportedly been donated to Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur. All these donations are used to assist people with disabilities. 

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