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2 Quick Board Games Free Online Play Very Fast

                                    Steampunk Rally 

Seampunk Rally is the unlimate mash up of racing, card drafting and dice rolling. In this steam punk reimagining of history, you and up to seven other frinds play as history’s greatest inventors, competing in madman’s race across the swiss alps. Study hall games

                                  Great Western Trail

Finally, a game that fulfills this city slicker’s deep-seated need to herd cattle across state lines. In Great Western Trail, you and up to three other friends move cattle from Texas to Kansas City; taking turns to add to your herd, construct buildings along the way, or contracting cowboys, engineers, craftsmen, and more. Game Hacker
In the parlance of hardcore board game nerds, Great Western Trail is a “point salad” game. One with endless number of ways to cobble together enough points to attain victory. As you’re building the best deck of cattle cards, or hiring helping hands at the right time, each turn will bombard you with a huge array of loosely connected options… and, more often than not, total analysis paralysis. Definitely one of the best pure-strategy games of the 2010’s, Great Western Trail will have you using the phrases ‘herding cattle’ and ‘taking part in an ultimate test of strategic mettle’ interchangeably. 

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