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New Video Games

UPDATE July 14: Ni no Kuni 2 has been removed from the list, as it’s been delayed into next year!*

The whirlwind that was E3 2017 is behind us, meaning plenty of confirmed release dates (and even surprise game announcements) have been locked in for the rest of the year. While many exciting titles have been pushed into the list of new games for 2018, plenty more are still on the way in 2017. We’ve sifted through all the upcoming PS4 gamesupcoming Xbox One games, and upcoming Nintendo Switch games to present you with the most exciting titles you can expect in the near future, organized by release date so you can calculate just how soon you need to start saving up (having spent all your dough on the best games of 2017, no doubt). Whether these games are innovative new ideas, gorgeous remasters, or highly anticipated sequels, we can’t wait to play them.


A decade ago, you’d be called a fool for saying Nintendo could make an amazing team-based shooter perfect for online competition – and yet, here we are getting a sequel to the Wii U’s fantastic Splatoon. Those squid-kid Inklings are back for more 4v4 color-splashing warfare across a bevy of new stages, wielding fresh weapons like the twin-pistol Splat Dualies or refined versions of fan favorites like the Splat Roller. If you want to test your skills before going online, Splatoon 2 also allows for local multiplayer thanks to the Switch system link. And along with the extra precision provided by the controller’s gyroscopic aiming, you’ll have to master the added Dodge Roll maneuver to maximize your turf-tagging potential.


Pyre is a strange, intoxicating blend of Oregon Trail and Final Fantasy’s Blitzballfrom the talented folks at Supergiant Games, who made waves with Bastion and Transistor. The gameplay is quite unlike those titles, though: the isometric battles unfold like a game of 3v3 basketball where everyone on your squad has a different size and speed, and you can only move around one member of your team at a time. It’s almost akin to a tactical take on NBA Jam, because Pyre delivers that same sense of satisfaction whenever you slam dunk the Rukey orb into the opposing team’s flame. Wrapped around that bizarre sport is a narrative-rich saga of three exiles banding together for a mystical pilgrimage.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice:  

Not to be confused with a Toyota pickup truck, Tacoma is the next project from Fullbright, the studio that made serious waves with its debut game Gone Home. This, too, is a narrative-rich, combat-free exploration viewed from first-person – but instead of taking place in an Oregon home circa 1995, Tacoma unfolds aboard a vacant space station, where memories of the former inhabitants play out via augmented-reality recordings. Gone Home set a pretty high bar, but Tacoma’s eerily empty setting looks like it could be just as stirring.

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